This page shows some examples of the ways I work in the landscape. I teach groups of enthusiastic people using instant polaroid film for immediate results.Following simple techniques of setting up camera and tripod to achieve a good composition I try to emphasise how important it is not to rush and to contemplate light values at the scene.Being careful at the taking stage helps when you reproduce the image later. Old methods can seem outdated in this age of digital photography but I strongly feel that in the end it is your brain that makes the picture; cameras, whatever make or design, are merely a tool of the trade.Although photography is quite an easy way of producing an image it can still be seen as an exciting, progessive art medium...................................Workshops


Teaching a landscape photography project at Paul Hill`s Photographers Place
Workshop in Wales demonstrating a MPP 5" x 4" View camera using Polaroid Film
Workshop at Brewery Arts Centre.Kendal
With my 10"x 8" Kodak Camera on Hexham Residency
On location at British Tissues working on some ideas you can see on my Abstract Page
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